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What good is ERP to me?

To achieve success in today's business climate you must do more than provide high quality low cost products to customers when and how they want them. Customers and suppliers require fully integrated information - throughout the supply chain or value chain. You must integrate your organization so completely that executive decisions are implemented effortlessly.

Competitive pressures often cause a reduction in prices, in spite of continually rising costs. A decrease in prices paired with increased costs quickly eliminates any profitability and threatens your company's ability to survive.

This is where Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) comes into help:

  • Inventory Reduction
  • Improved Cash Management
  • Increased Revenue and Profits
  • Reduced Transportation and Logistics Costs
  • Reduced Information Technology (IT) Costs

Intangible benefits include unanticipated cost reductions, improved responsiveness to customers, more flexibility, and more effective management of the supply chain.

ERP projects can sometimes cost millions of dollars. Nevertheless, the payback is high... ERP systems can provide you the reliable, integrated data infrastructure you need to more easily access corporate data and, consequently, manage you business more effectively. You should plan your ERP implementations carefully and devote adequate resources to the projects to gain the most benefits from your investments and ensure the systems are installed within your planned schedule and budget.

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