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The Company




BSL, Biz Solution Limited , is a software corporation headquartered in Hong Kong SAR, China. Established in 2004, BSL has been a leading software and programme developer providing enterprise solutions for traders and manufacturers. We pioneer the creation of KBO, the window-based ERP solution designed specifically for the development of industries ranging from Trading, Accounting, Mobile APP, Apparel, Toys to Clock and Watch.

KBO is first launched in 2004 for material control in garment trading. In late 2004, the originally DOS-based KBO migrated to the window-based world and became even user-friendlier. The company has retained all capabilities of the programme while improving its ease of use in the new window-based platform. It was in 2004 when they succeeded, and gained trust and support from over 80 companies. Over these years its has evolved to become a comprehensive solution to Enterprise Resources Planning covering Human Resources, accounting, finance, production control, inventory control, shipment schedule maintenance. It is also able to generate valuable data and statistics for market analysis for strategic planning.

In 2004, BSL adventured to launch another cutting-edge product by re-tailoring the original KBO. The new KBO is made applicable to the Clock and Watch industry with every detail customized for the industry. Thereby, bringing the company and management software to another era.




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