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The Product - KBO

BSL is a pioneer in ERP solutions. With solid track record, we grow with our clients. Our strength lies in enabling our customers stay competitive in their market.

BSL has a history back to the eighties. We have realized the importance of material control in production and the power of software application since then. Base on our industry knowledge, we created KBO for Trading, Accounting, Mobile APP, Toys and Garment industry some thirteen years before and step into the Watch And Clock industry later.

We evolve and update KBO as the market demands. The latest version includes eCRM concepts and is modularized for maximum scalability and flexibility. Each module is fully compatible with our core system. It can be packaged to suit different requirements and finance arrangements.

We are dedicated to our profession and willing to invest before we are paid. We employ industry experts to help us understand your industry for a comprehensive design of an ERP solution catered for your needs and requirements. Our R&D department works on proprietary technologies to streamline the operation. Thus, KBO is industry specific, and ready-to-implement in the shortest time.

In order to enable traders and manufacturers to think and work as the orders demand, KBO is purchasing-oriented. On one hand, it minimizes the wastage on excess stocks, turning your book values on inventory into real money and thus raises your profit margin. On the other, it lets you monitor the current status of each production order to ensure timely delivery.

Our product requires industry expertise, innovative ideas as well as advanced technologies. A high quality of service depends on a high quality of people and coherent teamwork. We employ only college graduates in our R&D and Programming Department and experienced account servicing staff in Supporting Department. Involvement of Sales and Customer Service personnel in programme design ensures a user-friendly interface. Last but not least, for after-sales services, we provide documentation, training, implementation plan and technical support to our clients on-site, on-line and through our telephone hotline. The success of our customers is always our prime concern.


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