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The Product




KBO : Clock And Watch

As many other trading and manufacturing industries based on OEM orders, Clock And Watch Industry is suffering from a lean profit margin because of severe competition and shrunk market. Buyers are asking for shorter lead-time in delivery, expecting up-to-the-minute order status, adjusting Pos frequently to meet the ever changing customers¡¦ preference.

Winners are those who realizes the importance of ERP to the survival of the enterprise. The core of ERP is all about effective costs control, close schedule monitoring and prompt alert to order amendments - essential elements for timely delivery and higher profit.

The latest technology enables enterprises to response fast to the demands. The Building Blocks for an ERP system include:

Production Specification
Sales Order Processing
Shipment Control and Distribution
Financial Planning
Accounting System
Production Management / Capacity Planning
Materials Management and Planning

Plant Maintenance & Service Management
Quality Management
Human Resources Management
Business Information Warehouse
Service and Support Front Office through web access for customers

An intelligent ERP programme is an interactive system in which all related calculation is automated to show up-to-the-second status. Also, an alert system should proactively notice all related users about each amendment that he should know. Thus, minimize human error and workload. A systematic tracking device assists users to complete tasks in a timely manner on one hand and provides managers with the visibility of order status on the other. It enables management to focus and act on valued information to increase margin, revenue and cash flow.

KBO of BSL is an integrated ERP solution to increase of HR productivity, secure shipment schedule, improve internal communication, assist utilization of stock materials, control costs and keep enterprise alert of market trends.



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