The Product

The Product




Why should I choose KBO?

1) It is a ready-to-implement ERP solution with proven track record.

We have 13 years experience in designing and implementing Material Control, MRP and ERP solutions. Proven track record can be found in Toys, Textile and Garment - secondary industry based on OEM orders. Our product is a ready-to-implement solution to be installed in your existing system within a few days. You can rely on our quality service as our customers who have been staying with us for more than then years.

2) Understanding of your business nature, market demands and production needs

As a serious player, we hire experts in your industry to study your market and your customers¡¦ requirements to ensure our product is industry-specific. We have designed a programme which is versatile enough to cater for orders of small quantities and tailor-made a comprehensive database structure according to product specifications. An intelligent messaging mechanism is included to alert corresponding parties on production requirement and its schedule.

3) Modular nature for flexibility and powerful integration to optimize productivity

Modular components allow incremental implementation and migration for a flexible financial arrangement while powerful integration of KBO minimizes input error and raises operation efficiency. Core programme includes product specifications, order processing and shipment control. Other plug-in modules are for material control, production management, accounting, finance, HR and eCRM.

4) Intelligent design with slim record size for an efficient operation

Parts and accessories required for production are divided into groups. Each group has its own attribute factors. A code number is assigned to each material with specific attribute factors and a comprehensive data base is formed with slim record size in different groups for fast retrieval. On application, such a management is more effective and efficient in operation.

5) Proprietary powerful search engine helps you to achieve zero inventory control and raise your profit margin

Our R&D department has created a proprietary search engine capable of searching for matching parts and accessories in stock for production of new orders. It also suggests substitutes of similar attribute factors, enabling you to process your orders as soon as possible.

6) Simple to use and easy to learn

This is the rule of thumb for successful system implementation. KBO is devoted to design simple and graphical client interface for end-users. With powerful build-in customization tool, system administrators are able to give personalized, role-based interface to individual user and let them access to all application and tools from a single access point. Users may define their own menu, workflow chart, language, fields, picture, tools, calculation and formula.

7) Quality service and strong after-sales support

The full team of BSL is HK based to ensure a fast response and quality service to our clients even on-site. 98% of our clients stays with us after first purchase and have developed a long-term relation with BSL.

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