The Product

The Product




Is it applicable to my existing system? How much do I need to invest on such a system? How long will it take to install and implement such a system?

BSL understands your concerns. KBO is designed to be applicable with least hardware requirement. However, to protect your interest, we conduct feasibility study and site visit to evaluate your situation before giving recommendations.

KBO is modularised for flexibility to suit different budget and financial arrangement. Modular components allow incremental implementation and can be fully integrated for consistency and visibility across the enterprise.

Installation shall complete in as short as two days in our record. We fine-tune our system and tailor-make documentation in line with your operation. This facilitates users to adopt KBO easily without changing their normal practices. We also provide intensive training to users so that they can pick up the system easily.

An implementation with an on-site real data testing will be provided after installation for a thorough measure of the system.

BSL shall provide 6 months free consultation after installation as part of our bundled offer. Afterwards, on-site, on-line and hotline technical support is available at a very reasonable price.

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