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KBO : Garment

Under the effect of many critical events, for instance China's entry into WTO, "911", global economics continual decline, elimination of quota restriction, etc., what influence will be exercised on Chinese and Asia Pacific garment industries and how can Garment Companies should cope with? Under such situations, garment industries in Asia Pacific have to face with new challenges.

A comprehensive Garment Vertical ERP system is a vital solution to optimize the companies competitively by improving productivity, quality management, costing & quality control. However, most of Garment Companies fear about the issues for investing on an inappropriate ERP Solution. It is not mere wasting the company money, also wasting the time and human resource.

Recap BSL decade experience for serving hundreds of Garment Customers, in addition of providing Garment ERP Software Application, the more valuable Consultation Service are offered to the customer as an individual Project Base Solution approach. The specialized Consultant Team plus the proven ERP System urge the customer projects can be deployed in success at the budgeted Time and Cost.

KBO Garment ERP System is a 3 Tier, Garment Vertical Solution support Internet, Intranet as well as LAN base operation.

Flexible Pre-costing against the Order Base Actual Costing Management empowers the companies to control the complicated Garment Material (Fabric/Yarn/Trim) cost down to particular Color/Size breakdown level. The multiple version of Style Pre-costing breakdown can be compare with the Order's actual material, production as well as sub-contract cost.

Comprehensive Order Management with the dynamic Order Shipment feature provides an user-friendly approach for the merchandisers to manipulate the complicated shipment combination (partial shipment with multiple port, price version, packing details, size specification, quota) at a single order. The streamlined merchandising operation with coherent shipping operation can accelerate the production cycle eventually.

Sophisticated Time & Action Management maps with specified Orders, Lap Dip as well as Individual activity. Various users can organize the time and action plan on hands, management can visualize the Personal as well as divisional action plan as a proactive / interactive approach. Moreover, Alert Message will generate to particular user by a dynamic parameter setting.

Rigid User Security Control is the principle of the system. In addition of the Role Base Vs User Security Control, the Merchandising Users will have the multiple dimension of security control - by Team Base Security. Authorization of sensitive Order Information can be isolated by individual Merchandising Team/User.


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